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Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologizes

A Catholic school in Kentucky condemned a group of its students, many of whom wore “Make America Great Again” hats, after they were recorded harassing a Native American Vietnam veteran in a video that went viral on Saturday. The students from private, all-male Covington Catholic High School in northern Kentucky were in Washington for an anti-abortion rally on Friday when they were filmed surrounding Nathan Phillips and mocking the Native American’s singing and drumming. One teen in particular is seen standing in front…

Native Americans march on White House over Dakota pipeline

WASHINGTON: Native American groups staged a march to the White House Friday against the construction of a controversial oil pipeline, which they fear could desecrate tribal lands and threaten drinking water. Chanting "water is life" and shouting out tribal calls, a circle of dancers beat on drums in protest at the Dakota Access Pipeline, part of which runs through lands inhabited by the indigenous groups. Slushy snow fell as more than 500 demonstrators marched through the capital before rallying in a park across from…

3,800-year-old potato garden discovered in Canada

OTTAWA: Ancient spuds recently dug up on Canada's Pacific coast are blackened and surely unedible, but are the first proof, say researchers, that North American natives tended gardens at least 3,800 years ago. The excavated potato patch on the ancestral lands of the Katzie tribe in British Columbia is "the first evidence" of gardening by local hunter-gatherers of the era, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances' December issue. Archeologists led by Tanja Hoffmann and Simon Fraser University…