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Nawaz Sharif

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the twelfth and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, He is a past master government official and an entrepreneur, as he already functioned as Prime Minister from November 1990 to July 1993 and then from February 1997 till October 1999. And for the third time he became the Prime minister of Pakistan in 2013 till 2017 as Nawaz Sharif was removed by supreme court of Pakistan regarding revelations from the Panama Papers case.

Nawaz Sharif was born into a rich family in Lahore, Pakistan on 25th day of December, 1949. His father Muhammad Sharif was the originator of Ittefaq Group. He is the brother of the current Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif. He completed his business studies at Government College University, and after that, before inflowing into politics, he studied law at the University of Punjab in 1970s.

Nawaz Sharif initially joined politics in the late 1970s when he became a member of Asghar Khan’s Tehrik-e-Istiqlal. He was then chosen by Military leader Punjab Governor Jilani as Punjab finance Minister. He became finance minister of Punjab in 1981 and also served as minister of sports. Nawaz Sharif was credited with increasing funding for sports activities and rural projects. The Ittefaq Group saw its unprecedented upsurge during this period. He first became Prime Minister on 1st November 1990, running on a platform of conservative government and an end to corruption. His term was interrupted on 18th April 1993, when President Ghulam Ishaq Khan used the reserve powers vested in him by the Eighth Amendment to dissolve the National Assembly. Less than six weeks later, the Supreme Court overruled the President, reconstituting the National Assembly and returning Sharif to power on 26th May 1993. Nawaz Sharif resigned from office along with President Ghulam Ishaq Khan on 18th July 1993, after his feud with the president, who had accused him of corruption. Moin Qureshi became caretaker prime minister, and was succeeded shortly thereafter by Benazir Bhutto, who was elected to office on 19th October 1993.