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Alleged UK neo-Nazi admits buying 19-inch machete to kill MP

LONDON: A man accused of being a member of a white supremacist group campaigning to start a race war in Britain pleaded guilty on Tuesday to plotting to kill an elected Member of Parliament (MP). Jack Renshaw, 23, admitted buying a machete described by its manufacturer as “19 inches of unprecedented piercing and slashing power at a bargain price”, for the purpose of killing opposition Labour MP Rosie Cooper. Renshaw also pleaded guilty to making a threat to kill a female police officer. He was one of six alleged…

Hitler house expropriation stands: Austria court

VIENNA: Austria's highest court ruled on Friday in favour of last year's controversial expropriation of the house where Adolf Hitler was born, ending a long-running bitter saga between the state and the former owner. The government took control of the dilapidated building in the northern town of Braunau in December after MPs approved an expropriation law specifically aimed at the property. The move came after years of wrangling with owner Gerlinde Pommer who had been renting the house to the interior ministry since the…

Greek neo-Nazi suspects on trial for murder of Pakistani

Athens: Two suspected members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn went on trial on Wednesday accused of stabbing a 27-year-old Pakistani man to death. Dionyssis Liakopoulos, 25, and Christos Steriopoulos, 29, risk a life sentence if found guilty of the drive-by killing of Shehzad Luqman in Athens last January. They were arrested a few hours after the murder when a taxi driver who witnessed the attack reported their motorbike number plate to police. According to the driver, the pair drove up behind the victim and…