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NEPRA | National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

NEPRA came into existence in 1992 when Government of Pakistan approves Water and Power Development Authority strategic plan to privatize the power sector  for the betterment and proper growth of the industry. NEPRA came into existence just to achieve three goals. 1. Upgrade capital development. 2. Improve proficiency and legitimize costs. 3. Move after some time towards full challenge by giving the best conceivable job for the private division through privatization.

Pakistan has been effective in pulling in considerable outside interest in the power sector, yet the nonappearance of a straightforward administrative system drove financial specialists to verify their speculation through long haul contracts. Subsequently, a generous piece of the sector has been cut out for ?long haul contract guideline? what’s more, the remainder of the sector needs to convey whatever hazard emerges from changing conditions and substances. Pakistan has needed to pay the consequences for the nonappearance of a satisfactory and set up administrative condition for the business activity of the sector.

NEPRA will manage the electric power sector to advance a competitive structure for the business and to guarantee the co-ordinated, dependable and satisfactory supply of electric power later on. By law, NEPRA is commanded to guarantee that the premiums of the financial specialist and the client are ensured through sensible choices dependent on straightforward commercial principals and that the sector moves towards a competitive domain.

A primary challenge is to rapidly make a reputation of NEPRA’s working with the end goal that it exhibits its objectivity and unprejudiced nature. NEPRA needs to show that its choices are neither subjective nor impacted by individual and individual carefulness. It is accordingly recommended that to present straightforwardness and accountability in NEPRA, every administrative choice with respect to licensees will be distributed and made open property.