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‘Insatiable’ TV cast rejects fat-shaming jibes but reviews are harsh

LOS ANGELES: The cast of Insatiable defended their new television show against accusations of fat-shaming, but unusually harsh reviews suggest the US series has more to worry about than the debate around weight and popularity. The Netflix series billed as a dark revenge comedy, is about a downtrodden, obese high schooler, Patty the Fatty, who suddenly loses weight, gains popularity and sets out for payback. An online petition ahead of its release on Friday had called for the show to be canceled, claiming it appeared to…

Pediatricians urged parents to keep kids away from ’13 Reasons Why’ Netflix series

A report in the journal Pediatrics warns that watching “13 Reasons Why,” a popular Netflix series about a teen girl’s suicide, may be inadvisable for some youngsters. Mental health professionals have raised alarms that the series - which closes with a graphic depiction of the main character killing herself - could push other young people toward suicide. The second season of the show will air on May 18, while the first season remains available on Netflix. In an article titled, “13 Things Pediatricians Should Know (and…