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New Album

Michael Jackson returns on Drake’s new album

NEW YORK: Nearly a decade after his death, Michael Jackson is out with new music in a guest appearance on the keenly awaited new album by Drake. The late King of Pop appears in a song on "Scorpion," the fifth studio album by the Toronto hip-hop star who pulled another surprise by using the release to come clean about his secret child. True to form for Drake, whose sensibility for catchy beats has made him one of the top-selling artists of recent years, the 25-track album that came out Friday sprawls defiantly as if…

Rabi Pirzada announces to release new album on Eid

Famous singer Rabi Pirzada has announced to release her new album ‘Khushi’ on Eid-ul-Fitr. “Pakistani singers have a lot of talent but unfortunately there is lack of music academies in Pakistan to train them and polish their talent,” she said in an interview. She urged the government to set up music academies for new generation. Pirzada began her career with song ‘Dahdi Kurree’ in 2005. Then she produced songs ‘Mujhe Ishq Hai’, ‘Jadoo’ and ‘Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho’. Her song ‘Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho’ is composed by the…

Lady Gaga takes up ‘Black Lives Matter’ with sober new album

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Lady Gaga rose to fame with her shock-inducing outfits and remains the seventh most followed person on Twitter, but on her sober new album, she admits an unease in the era of social media. "Joanne," the now 30-year-old singer's first solo album in three years, marks a shift from the glam synthpop that made Gaga a club sensation to another retro sound - unadorned soft rock, with forays into country. The singer who once said that she lived for the applause takes up weighty issues including Black…