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new constitution

Cuban lawmakers approve new constitution which heads to referendum

HAVANA: Cuban lawmakers on Saturday unanimously approved a revised draft of a new constitution that retains the island’s one-party socialist system but reflects its socio-economic opening since the fall of the Soviet Union. The draft new constitution, which has 229 articles and will replace a Cold War era one, will maintain the Communist Party as the country’s guiding force and the state’s dominance of the economy, according to state-run media. A copy has not yet been distributed to the public. The document, however…

Here’s what will change under Turkey’s new Constitution

ISTANBUL: Turkey on Sunday narrowly voted in a historic referendum to approve a new constitution granting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan greater powers, according to almost complete results. Critics have long denounced the move as part of a grab by Erdogan for one-man rule, but supporters say it simply puts Turkey in line with France and the United States and is needed for efficient government. Erdogan hailed a "historic decision" after unofficial results showed a narrow 51-49 win for the 'Yes' camp but the opposition…