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Skype drops Snapchat-like feature after lack of users interest

NEW YORK: Microsoft eliminated it Snapchat like features from it's Skype app after introducing filters in an attempt to step high on the social media Bandwagon. Microsoft has revealed that it's axing its adopted feature and will now wholly focus on their core features like calls and chats. In a statement by the Skype team, it was mentioned that the new features "didn't resonate with a majority of users". A corresponding desktop update prioritizes calls, chats, contacts, and notifications. All of the changes should…

Facebook and Instagram test a ‘do not disturb’ feature

Instagram and Facebook are both testing Do Not Disturb feature meaning users could soon have more control over when they receive notifications from either app. WhatsApp Beta and Matt Navarra first spotted the features. Some Engadget staff have also noticed the Do Not Disturb feature on their Facebook apps and it allows you to activate the feature for a certain time frame or until you decide to turn it off. The features come as both Google and Apple have announced their operating systems will soon give users Do Not Disturb…

WhatsApp brings two new features for Android users

WhatsApp has now introduced two new features: streaming shared videos and Animated GIF support, which were only available on the beta versions but now has been unveiled for use for all Android users. WhatsApp users will be able to play videos right away without downloading them as per the new streaming feature and they will be downloaded right to the device after the videos finishes playing, reported the Business Today. Now you can share GIFs on WhatsApp Able to stream either on Wi-Fi or mobile internet…