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Incoming members battle it out for best US Congress suites

WASHINGTON: One woman flexed her biceps and performed pushups, another thumbed her rosary beads, and several danced energetic jigs. Incoming members of Congress will try anything, it seems, to win plum office suites on Capitol Hill. Friday's lottery for lawmakers-elect was a raucous, lighthearted bipartisan game of chance for a scarce commodity: a spacious, well positioned workplace in the House office buildings. Eighty-five members of the incoming freshman class gathered to draw numbered chips from a box, with the…

Policy change: PTI to screen new entrants into party

ISLAMABAD: Amid induction of new members into the party, the Pakistan¬†Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has revised its policy that makes it compulsory for new entrants to be screened by a committee before they are officially included in the party fold. According to reports, the party committee will gather information on all interested political leaders before they are accepted as members of PTI.¬†Under the new rule, party chairman Imran Khan will also not meet all new members. The party officials have termed recent influx of…