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new rules

Europe adopts new pilot mental health rules after plane crash

Three years after the Germanwings crash in which a pilot deliberately flew a jet into a mountainside, the European Commission has adopted new rules on pilot mental health requiring airlines for the first time to carry out a psychological assessment of pilots before they hire them. Investigators have concluded that pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the captain out of the cockpit and deliberately flew the Germanwings A320 jet into a French mountainside on March 24, 2015, on a flight from Barcelona to Duesseldorf, killing all 150…

New ICC rules: Cricketers now to be given red cards for on-field misconduct

DUBAI: In a bid to maintain the on-field discipline in cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to follow in the footsteps of football. The governing body has introduced a new set of rules including red cards for cricketers who demonstrate misconduct or violent behavior on the field. Players could be sent off for the first time in cricket, starting with Test matches in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates this week, as new regulations come into force. Changes governing umpire referrals and…

Twitter makes room for more characters in tweets

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter on Thursday began rolling out changes to let people pack more into tweets, subtracting from the character count names of those being replied to in posts. The latest software modification at the one-to-many messaging service comes about a year after Twitter set out to relax a 140-character limit set due to mobile phone text messaging constraints in place when Twitter launched in 2006. Twitter first announced plans to relax the limit a year ago, as part of an effort to bring in more members and…