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Here’s why people are burning and banning Nike products

NEW YORK: While nike stands as a popular brand worldwide Americans in general have taken a different turn as they have started burning and banning Nike products. Nike recently just revealed a new " just do it" campaign and apparently it's featuring an American football player, Colin Kaepernick. His only downfall being that he went down to one knee during the American national anthem to protest against police brutality against black Americans. Clearly many people supported the cause as Nike sales skyrocketed after…

Adidas takes 12-10 lead over Nike in World Cup shirt deals

BERLIN: Adidas can declare itself the winner over arch-rival Nike in the upcoming soccer World Cup even before the first match kicks off as it is kitting out the most teams. However, the German sportswear brand, which is also the official sponsor of the tournament, expects only a limited financial impact, partly because this year’s World Cup takes place in Russia, where the economy is in the doldrums. “The World Cup in Russia does carry lower financial opportunities than the similar event four years ago in Brazil,”…

Nike unveils Pro Hijab for Muslim athletes

Nike has announced that it would release a Pro Hijab for female Muslim athletes in spring 2018. Nike is an American multinational company engaged in designing and sales of apparel, footwear and equipments. The clothing giant understands the difference apparel can make to an athlete, and like any viable business, it knows the world is full of potential customers. Nike has worked alongside a team of athletes to develop a single-layer stretchy hijab that could "change the face of sport for Muslim girls". The Pro…

Few great street marketing campaigns

Brands need attention and to acquire it they use different strategies. Street marketing is a strategy advertisers use to grab the attention of people. They do their utmost effort to be creative enough so that they can attract people and have an impact on them.