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The death of the car show?

PARIS/FRANKFURT: Frankfurt’s vast car show, which opens next week, is already getting the attention of the wrong kind - for its impressive list of no-shows. Besides the glaring absence of Tesla and its electric Model 3, the roster of big…

Microsoft to help automakers develop connected cars

Many automakers that ushered in an era of incredible disruption nearly a century ago now face disruption themselves from four modern forces — connected, autonomous, shared and electric cars. The infrastructure and scale required to build…

Fast cars and fancy SUVs at the Los Angeles auto show 

LOS ANGELES: From Nissan's "Star Wars" model, to Alfa Romeo sedan, lots of fast cars and a flock of SUVs: fun and fantasy collide at the Los Angeles auto show opening Friday. An SUV, high-tech sedan at Alfa Romeo The new Giulia was…