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Noor Bukhari

‘I was so upset, I wanted to kill myself’

"I was so upset, I wanted to kill myself," said Noor Bukhari while talking about the flak she received on social media after her divorce from her Wali Hamid Khan. The actress, who recently quit showbiz, however, thanked all those who criticised her unjustly as their act made her look for solace which led her to meet her spiritual guide. Noor, who appeared in ARY Digital's "Good Morning Pakistan" show, said that one of her relatives took her to her spiritual guide who transformed her by speaking in the language of…

Family court allows film actress Noor to end her fourth marriage

LAHORE:  A family court on Wednesday decided in favour of Lollywod actor Noor Bukhari allowing her to dissolve her fourth marriage. She had been married to singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan three years ago. The couple have been living separately after they developed differences and Noor decided to file for divorce. Family Court Judge Faisal Naseem Mir approved the divorce plea filed by her who approached the court seeking Khula (cancellation of marriage) with Wali. Noor told the court that she didn’t want to live with her…