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north koreans

Chinese banks halt transactions for North Koreans

BEIJING: Branches of China's biggest banks have suspended financial transactions for North Koreans, employees told AFP, suggesting that Beijing has pursued stronger measures against its nuclear-armed ally than previously thought. Staff at branches in Beijing and the border city of Yanji -- a major trade and transportation hub between the two neighbours -- said their banks have banned North Koreans from opening new accounts and some have even started to close existing ones. The restrictions were imposed well before the…

‘North Koreans still don’t know the result of US elections’

The name ‘Donald Trump’ has dominated news headlines around the world since he was elected 45th President of the United States. Almost everyone in the world knows about the president-elect of the US, but there is one country which still is reportedly not aware of the US elections result. It's now Monday in North Korea, and the state media still seem not to have told the population the result of the US presidential election. — Chris Greenway (@ChrisGreenwayUK) November 13, 2016 BBC reporter Chris…