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Northern Areas

Daring death on the roads of Pakistan’s northern mountains

HUNZA VALLEY: The jeep bumps along a sloppy mud road carved between Pakistan’s northern mountains, its tyres running with breathtaking precision along the very edge, where nothing but air lies between them and the snake-like river winding hundreds of feet below. More than 3,000 metres (around 10,000 feet) above sea level the vehicle has no room for error, its other side just inches from scraping along the rock face, its passengers worriedly monitoring how anxious the driver appears. For his part, Shahid Karim spends as…

‘Northern areas of Pakistan are the best place for tourism’

LONDON: Renowned British historian and author William Dalrymple has said the northern areas of Pakistan are the best place and most fascinating tourist destinations. He was speaking on Wednesday at an event "Pakistan: Travel's Best Kept Secret" held at the Pakistan High Commission in London jointly organised by the diplomatic mission and Wild Frontiers founder Jonny Bealby. William Dalrymple shared a fascinating account of his family visit to northern areas of Pakistan recently. He said be it places, food or local…

Earthquake of 4.7 magnitude jolts Gilgit city, surrounding areas

GILGIT: Earthquake jolts measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale were felt here in the city and surrounding areas in the wee hours of Thursday morning. According to National Seismic Monitoring Centre, the epicenter of the quake which struck on early Thursday morning was located 35 kilometres southwest of Skardu at the depth of 15 kilometres. Following the jolts, people came out of their homes in panic and started reciting verses of the Holy Quran. No loss of life and property was reported in aftermath of the jolts.…