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Three things your nose tells about your health

While it is not usual for the nose to be able to tell a lot about your health, we can tell you three things that your sense of smell, or not, just might be able to tell you. Let’s have a look at 3 such surprising things that your nose can signal about your overall health and impending diseases if any. A bad sense of smell may signal an early death A bad sense of smell is acceptable if you have caught a bout of cold, but if your nose isn't particularly good at doing its basic job--smelling-- it may point towards some…

Padmavati controversy: Fringe group threatens to chop off Deepika Padukone’s nose

Acclaimed Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming movie 'Padmavati' has constantly been facing confrontation in the form of threats and violence from fringe groups of Rajasthan and the opposition is getting intensified as the release date draws near. Earlier this year, a fringe group Rajput Karni Sena disrupted shooting of the movie in Jaipur and assaulted the film director. A few days ago, the same group called for a countrywide bandh on the day of release of the film, December 1. While another Rajput…

Gene activity in the nose may signal lung cancer: study

BOSTON: Genetic changes in the cells lining the inside of the nose might someday help doctors diagnose lung cancer, a recent study suggests. “The idea that you don't have to sample the disease tissue but can diagnose presence of disease using relatively accessible cells that are far from the tumor . . . is a paradigm that can impact many cancers,” Dr. Avrum Spira from Boston University School of Medicine, a member of the study team, told Reuters Health by email. The layer of cells that covers the surfaces of the body…