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Low-carb diet better when it includes more vegetables, nuts

NEW YORK: People who cut back on carbohydrates may end up increasing their risk of premature death if they load their plates with meat and cheese instead of vegetables and nuts, a U.S. study suggests. While previous research has linked low-carbohydrate diets to better success with short-term weight loss and improvements in risk factors for premature death like diabetes, less is known about the long-term outcomes of cutting carbs, or what types of foods people should eat instead for optimal health. For the current…

Top South Korean court spares ‘nut rage’ heiress jail

SEOUL: South Korea's top court kept a Korean Air heiress out of prison on Thursday in the final verdict on the "nut rage" incident that triggered national uproar in 2014. Cho Hyun-Ah, a daughter of Korean Air chief Cho Yang-Ho and then the company's vice president, became infuriated when a flight attendant served her some nuts in a bag rather than in a bowl. She lambasted the chief steward over the behaviour of his cabin crew and ordered the Seoul-bound flight, which had just left the gate in New York, to turn back so…

10 foods you should consume for a desk job

You are likely to gain weight if you spend most of the day on a desk job. Starving is not an option to avoid this situation. There are 10 foods recommended by health experts for you to maintain your body shape. According to Time magazine, these ten foods will help you reduce weight: Berries Berry is a small and pulpy fruit. It can taste sweet and sour as well. Common examples of berries are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. Berries are big on antioxidants which can help…