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Omar Ayub Khan

Profile Omar Ayub khan(Federal Minister for Energy)

Omar Ayub Khan is a highly-experienced Pakistani Politician who was born on 26th of January, 1970.

He is the son of Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan. He is one of the most-classy Politicians in Pakistan.

He is also a very educated person as he holds a degree of Master in Business Administration (M.B.A). because of his masters in Business Administration he is given the ministry of Energy from the constituency NA-17, Haripur KPK.

He is professionally a Businessman and most of the source of his income happens to come from the Salary income, income from Property, Bank Profit.

He assumed office on 11th of September 2018.

His permanent address is House No.206, Village Rehana, Tehil and District Haripur, Hazara KPK.