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Death by overwork: Japan’s 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger

TOKYO: Workaholic Japan has unveiled its first-ever plan to limit overtime, but critics want to give it the boot, saying an "outrageous" 100-hour-a-month cap will do nothing to tackle karoshi, or death from overwork. Tokyo's bid to ease a national health crisis comes after the top executive at advertising giant Dentsu quit late last year in response to the suicide of a young employee who regularly logged more than 100 hours of overtime a month. The death of Matsuri Takahashi generated nationwide headlines, prompting the…

One in five Japan employers faces worker’s ‘death from overwork’

TOKYO: More than one in five Japanese companies have employees who work such long hours they are at serious risk of death, according to a new government survey into the country's notoriously strenuous working culture. Hundreds of deaths related to overwork -- from strokes, heart attacks and suicide -- are reported every year in Japan, along with a host of serious health problems, sparking lawsuits and calls to tackle the problem. The survey was part of the nation's first white paper on "karoshi", or death from overwork,…