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Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has stand the test of time and over the year it has become most feared air forces in the world and also referred to as the backbone of the country’s defense. PAF is the seventh largest air force of the world and largest of all the Muslim countries. There are two major responsibilities of PAF, to provide air defense to the country and the second is to provide logistics support to Pakistan Army.

According to the global fire power Pakistan ranked 7th in terms of air power. The air force model is a symbol of pride for the nation. Air Force day is celebrated in Pakistan on 7th September and it’s a national holiday right after the defense day. Air show & award ceremony is carried out on 7th September each year. Air Force headquarters is located in Capital Islamabad.

Pakistan aeronautical complex (PAC) comprises of four factories founded in 1971 by air force and the complex is located in Kamra, District Attock. It design, develops and built aircrafts and avionics system for military use and it also provide services to civilian aircrafts as well. PAC design and develops systems for all the three forces of Pakistan, Navy Army & Air Force.