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Pakistan Stock Exchange

Pakistan stock exchange previously known as Karachi Stocks Exchange was established in 18th September 1947 after the independence of the country. Initially five companies were registered under the law of security exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP) within the exchange with a total capitalization of 37 million also with the no buy back agreement.

In 2002 online trading were introduced in Karachi stock exchange previously it was done via hand written documentations. January 2016 was the month when Karachi stock exchange was renamed as Pakistan stock exchange which brings a massive positive impact to the stock market.

With 570 registered companies in 2016 with a total capitalization of 9600 billion rupees. Stock markets are a vast and fastest growing business, even the third world countries are also trading in these markets as it also shows the country’s economic strength. KSE hundred thousand index was started in 1991 and up to 100,000 shares were being traded within a day till 2002 which is now raised to more than 5,000,000.