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Actor Alan Alda reveals Parkinson’s diagnosis

NEW YORK: Award-winning actor Alan Alda disclosed on Tuesday that he has Parkinson’s disease, saying he did not want the revelation that he had the nervous system disorder to be told from “a sad point of view.” The 82-year-old star of TV series “M*A*S*H” told “CBS This Morning” that he had learned of the diagnosis more than three years ago, but that so far the progressive disease has not stopped him from acting or pursuing other career opportunities. “I’ve had a richer life than I’ve had up until now,” Alda told “CBS…

Smartphones could help measure Parkinson’s disease symptoms: research

BALTIMORE, US: An experimental smartphone application could monitor changes in Parkinson’s disease symptoms throughout the day, sending data to doctors to help them treat patients, U.S. researchers say. “Like diabetes, Parkinson’s has variability and symptom fluctuations, which can also vary the treatment. We can’t measure these fluctuations at home, and you can only do so many measurements in the clinic,” said senior study author Suchi Saria of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The app developed by Saria and her…

Human stem cells restore mobility in Parkinson’s monkeys: study

PARIS: Lab monkeys with Parkinson's symptoms regained significant mobility after neurons made from human stem cells were inserted into their brains, researchers reported Wednesday in a study hailed as "groundbreaking". The promising results were presented as the last step before human clinical trials, perhaps as early as next year, the study's senior author, Jun Takahashi, a professor at Kyoto University, told AFP. Parkinson's is a degenerative disease that erodes motor functions. Typical symptoms include shaking,…