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Erdogan sanctions US officials in tit-for-tat row over pastor

ANKARA: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said Turkey would impose sanctions on two US officials as retaliation for a similar move by Washington, hitting back in an unprecedented row between the NATO allies. Turkey's holding of pastor Andrew Brunson on terror-related charges for almost two years has sparked one of the most intense crises between Washington and Ankara. But in his first comments on the dispute since Washington imposed the sanctions on Wednesday, Erdogan also appeared keen to ward off any further…

South African pastor fined for spraying insecticide on followers

JOHANNESBURG: A South African court has fined a self-styled “prophet” who sprayed his followers in the face with insecticide as a supposed cure for illness. Pastor Lethebo Rabalago was found guilty by a court in the northwest town of Limpopo of five charges of grievous assault and contravening chemicals laws . He used "Doom", a household insecticide on his followers, earning the sobriquet "Prophet of Doom". The Sowetan daily reported Wednesday that the presiding judge jailed Rabalago to four years or a 21,000…