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Pearl Harbour

Trump makes Pearl Harbour stop en route to Asia

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump paid a somber visit to Pearl Harbour ahead of his first official trip to Asia, also meeting with military officials overseeing US operations in the Pacific region. Trump and his wife Melania tossed white pikake flower petals into the waters at the USS Arizona memorial, where hundreds of US service members died when Japan launched a surprise attack in 1941, triggering the US entry into World War II. The Trumps also took part in a wreath-laying ceremony during the stopover on…

Japan’s Abe and Obama to pay respects at Pearl Harbor

HONOLULU, USA: Seven months after President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima, the city where World War II all but ended, his Japanese counterpart is paying his respects at the site where the brutal conflict began. Prime Minster Shinzo Abe is traveling to Pearl Harbor, where he and Obama hope to underscore the alliance between their two nations -- 75 years after the Japanese surprise attack that brought America into history's bloodiest war. The two leaders are meeting Tuesday in Hawaiian state capital Honolulu, on the…

Japan’s Abe to make history by visiting Pearl Harbor

TOKYO: Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to become the first Japanese leader to visit Pearl Harbor, announcing Monday a trip to the site of his country's surprise attack that launched World War II in the Pacific. News of the journey comes just two days ahead of the 75th anniversary of the deadly December 7, 1941 assault on the US naval base in Hawaii. The war ended in August 1945 after the US dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan and, although the countries have forged strong ties in the seven decades since, how the war…