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Vote for ideology, not personality, says Imran Khan

KOHAT: Soliciting residents of Kohat for balloting for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Chairman PTI Imran KHan said the nation should vote to ideology and not personality, ARY News reported. "We will adopt humility and simplicity after getting into power and I will initiate it from myself," he said while addressing a humungous crowd in Kohat, chiding the ruling elite for their luxurious lifestyle.  He said every child of Pakistan was under huge debt as Pakistan owes 27, 000 billion rupees to foreign institutions…

Robots show their ‘personality’ at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS: Professor Einstein rolls his eyes, sticks out his tongue, and can give a simple explanation of the theory of relativity. With his lifelike rubbery ‘skin’ and bushy mustache, he can almost make you forget he's a robot. The Einstein robot is among dozens roaming the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that can be your companion, educator or babysit your children. While robots have been around for years, advances in technology and artificial intelligence have allowed developers to give them traits that…

What the color of your car says about you

DETROIT: The next time you buy a car, you might want to pause a while longer to decide what color you choose. Top automakers throw millions of dollars at researching what the latest tastes are, and say the color of a vehicle is so important to customers that it can be the difference between buying or not. The ongoing auto show in Detroit saw many of the classic colors -- reds for Porsches and other sports cars -- and a few less conventional (a Nissan Titan pickup truck decked out in "forged copper"). But there was no…