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Petrol Pumps

Petrol crisis to return as Lahore faces severe shortage

LAHORE: The provincial capital on Wednesday faced a severe petrol crisis causing immense discomfort to commuters as several fuel stations remained closed, ARY News reported. Large queues were witnessed at those fuel stations which had petrol, while over half of the pumps were closed across the city. However, the ¬†stations capped the maximum sale of petrol at Rs500 for cars and Rs100 for motorcycles. Many commuters faces immense inconvenience in search for fuel as stations displayed banners that ¬†was unavailable.…

Campaign against illegal petrol pumps

Karachi: Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PDA) on Thursday appreciated being adopted for demolishing illegal and unauthorized petrol pumps operational across the country. Chairman PDA and CNG Dealers association, Abdul Sami Khan in a statement said these are causing heavy financial loss to the exchequer through evasion of required taxes and revenue. He also expressed his gratitude to Chef Justice, Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhry, Chairman Federal Bureau of Revenue, Tariq Bajwa and concerned officials of Pakistan Customs…