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Putting on the dog: Thai ad agency employees bring pets to work

BANGKOK: Nimo bounds out of a car in a rush to get to work at a Bangkok advertising agency, but Nimo is no ordinary employee. He’s a dog. The brown-haired husky accompanies his owner, Thimpaporn Phopipat, to work everyday at digital advertising agency YDM in the Thai capital. “Since I already love dogs, it really made me want to work here,” said Thimaporn, 29, a digital public relations manager who also takes along her chihuahua, Muu Pan. The bring-your-dog-to-work trend is gaining momentum in Thailand,…

Having pets in your house is actually Healthy: Study

Why is it good to have pets? For pet owners and lovers, it comes as no surprise that having a pet is beneficial for health and wellbeing. Social interaction is one of those more obvious health benefits own owning a pet. Following interactions with an animal, such as petting or snuggling, there is an increase in neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which create a euphoric feeling. A study conducted by the Veterans Administration Medical Center shows how having pets’ impacts social…

Emiratis banned from keeping wild pets: reports

DUBAI: The private ownership of wild animals has been outlawed in the United Arab Emirates, where keeping exotic creatures as pets is a status symbol for some, reports said Wednesday. Wildcats including endangered cheetahs are known to have been domesticated in the UAE and neighbouring Gulf countries, with some even spotted being taken outside in the middle of big cities. In October, one such outing with five tigers on a beach near Dubai's iconic Burj Al-Arab hotel was captured on video and went viral on social media,…

Smoking bad for pets: study

Smoking is bad for pets too, the University of Glasgow said, citing an ongoing study into the effects of second-hand smoke on dogs and cats.