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Photographer captures stunning image of frog ‘wrestling’ with croc

Animals never cease to surprise us with their amazing sense of humour. A photographer in Indonesia has captured an incredible image of a frog getting too close as it hangs around very close to its razor sharp teeth. Some described it as looking at a monster frog attacking a crocodile or a tiny crocodile being attacked by a normal-sized frog. The picture was captured by Edy Pamungkas, 27, in Jombang, East Java, Indonesia. He posted the pictures onto his blog captioning it ‘Best Friends’. Recently stunning…

Shah Rukh’s car hits photographer in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is well known with his sobriquet ‘King Khan’, and the actor makes no secret of him being the ‘king by heart’. It happened a day ago when Khan was entering actress Alia Bhatt's building in Juhu, Mumbai to attend her 24th birthday bash when reportedly his car accidentally ran over a photographer's leg. According to reports, when SRK reached Alia's house, the photographers gathered around him to click his pictures when his car accidentally ran over a photographer's leg. The…