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Physicists finally observe ‘elusive’ Higgs decay

PARIS: Six years after tracking down the Higgs boson, the subatomic particle that confers mass on matter, physicists said Tuesday they have "at long last" witnessed it decaying into tiny bits called "bottom quarks". The predicted decay was observed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) famous for the Nobel-capped discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012, Europe's CERN physics lab announced. "During the early preparations of the LHC, there were doubts on whether this observation could be achieved," the ATLAS scientific…

Brits, Czechs claim world’s most powerful ‘super laser’

PRAGUE: A team of British and Czech scientists on Tuesday said they had successfully tested a "super laser" they claim is 10 times more powerful than any other of its kind on the planet. The so-called "high peak power laser" has a 1,000-watt average power output, a benchmark of sustained, high-energy pulses. It has revolutionary potential in engineering, for hardening metal surfaces, processing semiconductors and micro-machining material. The device was developed by Britain's Central Laser Facility (CLF) and HiLASE…