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Clinton warns of danger of fake news ‘epidemic’

WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton issued a stern warning Thursday against the proliferation of fake news, branding it an epidemic with "real world consequences" that must be addressed in order to protect the nation's democracy. The Democrat Clinton lost last month's presidential election to Republican Donald Trump in a shock upset, with several Trump critics arguing that the prominence of fake articles shared on Facebook and other social media may have affected the outcome. The phenomenon nearly turned deadly this week when…

Trump’s aide fired for spreading fake news

WASHINGTON: The son of Donald Trump's national security advisor -- who has pushed wild conspiracy theories on social media -- has been dismissed from the president-elect's transition team, Vice president-elect Mike Pence confirmed Tuesday. "Mike Flynn Jr. is no longer associated with general Flynn's efforts or with the transition team and we're focused eyes forward," Pence told CNN, saying the younger Flynn had been helping his father with scheduling and other administrative work. The ouster of 33-year-old Michael G.…