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Students binged on pizzas and burgers to avoid military service in South Korea

SEOUL: Twelve students at a college in Seoul binged on pizza and hamburgers five times a day to deliberately gain weight and avoid military service. The men accused of trying to dodge the mandatory programme had all shared weight-gain strategies with one another via an online chat group, authorities claimed. In South Korea all able-bodied men must serve two years in the military before they turn 28 and must pass a fitness exam before enlisting. Military officials said the group intentionally gained weight to fail…

A list of the six most outrages pizzas of 2018

In 2018, people are really taking that concept to new heights. Some pizza trends this year are relatively tame, like adding a sauce you usually find on salad to list of acceptable toppings. Others well they are a little bit wilder, to say the least... Here are six of the most outrageous, over the top, or otherwise unexpected pizzas we’ve found this year! Ranch Pizza Pictured here is a balanced meal with 3 key food groups: pizza, ranch and cocktail. A post shared by Ranch Pizza (@ranchpdx) on Mar 29, 2018…