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NASA space lasers to reveal new depths of planet’s ice loss

1 month, 5 days ago
NASA is poised to launch Saturday its most advanced space laser ever, ICESat-2, a $1 billion dollar mission to reveal the depths of the Earth's melting ice as the climate warms. The half-ton satellite, about the size of a smart-car, is…

Macron wins Chinese fans with Mandarin lesson

9 months, 9 days ago
BEIJING: A behind-the-scenes video of French President Emmanuel Macron wrestling with the Mandarin pronunciation of his climate change slogan "Make our planet great again" has delighted Chinese social media. The candid footage shows…

China tests self-sustaining space station in Beijing

1 year, 3 months ago
BEIJING: Sealed behind the steel doors of two bunkers in a Beijing suburb, university students are trying to find out how it feels to live in a space station on another planet, recycling everything from plant cuttings to urine. They are…

Scientists launch campaign to restore Pluto to the planet club

1 year, 6 months ago
A team of scientists seeking to restore Pluto to planethood launched a campaign on Tuesday to broaden the astronomical classifications which led to its demotion to a "dwarf planet" a decade ago. Six scientists from institutions across…

Planet in star system next door may have ocean

2 years, 12 days ago
PARIS: A rocky planet discovered in the "habitable" zone of the star nearest our Sun may be covered with oceans, researchers at France's CNRS research institute said Thursday. A team including CNRS astrophysicists have calculated the size…

NASA unveils photos of Jupiter’s poles

2 years, 1 month ago
WASHINGTON: NASA published Friday the first-ever images of Jupiter's north pole and its southern aurora, taken during the Juno spacecraft's first orbital flyby of the gaseous giant.

China unveils Mars rover, aims for 2020 mission

2 years, 1 month ago
BEIJING: China has showed off its first images of a rover it plans to sent to Mars in mid-2020, which is designed to explore the planet surface for three months, state media said, the latest aim of China's ambitious space program.