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How plants can tell friend from foe

A plant’s immune system can recognize whether a piece of RNA is an invader or not based on whether the RNA has a threaded bead-like structure at the end, say University of Tokyo researchers. Their finding provides an answer to the…

Botanical gardens a lifeboat for threatened plants

PARIS: Botanical gardens are a Noah's Ark for endangered plants, collectively safeguarding four out of 10 species known to face extinction, researchers said Monday. But the otherwise reassuring number hides a serious imbalance, they…

These five plants help you sleep at night

Having plants inside the house not only adds to the aesthetic value of the house but it also have many positive impacts on the surrounding as they bring in a lot of positive energy along with them. Bringing plants inside a house adds a…

Plants less thirsty as climate warms: study

MIAMI: A warming planet might not dry out Earth as much as previously believed, because plants will become less thirsty as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, researchers said Monday.