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plastic straws

McDonald’s to replace plastic straws with paper ones

LONDON: McDonald’s will replace plastic straws with paper ones in all its restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland, starting from September, the BBC reported on Friday. “Reflecting the broader public debate, our customers told us they wanted to see a move on straws,” McDonald’s was quoted as saying by the BBC. In April, the British government proposed a ban on plastic straws and cotton buds in England. It is the latest company to opt out of some single-use plastic products which can take hundreds of years to…

Britain to ban sale of plastic straws in bid to fight waste

LONDON: Britain plans to ban the sale of plastic straws and other single use products and is pressing Commonwealth allies to also take action to tackle marine waste, the office of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said. It said drink stirrers and cotton buds would also be banned under the plans. May has pledged to eradicate avoidable plastic waste by 2042 as part of a “national plan of action”. “Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world, which is why protecting the marine…