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PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Pakistan and the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), full name Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, born November 25, 1952, Lahore, Pakistan. He is the only son of Ikramullah Khan Niazi, a civil engineer, and his wife Shaukat Khanum, and has four sisters. Pakistani cricketer turned politician and now serving as the current prime minister of Pakistan. Imran khan became the Pakistani hero by leading Pakistan national cricket team in ICC Cricket world cup 1992.

Imran khan grown up in Pashtun family in Lahore, and studied in Pakistan elite schools and later got his education from United Kingdom including the royal grammar school. Khan started playing cricket at the age of 13 and make his debut in Pakistan national cricket team while he was 18 years old.

A shy guy brought up with three sisters in a Pashtun family after good succeed in cricket and got the world cup for Pakistan in 1992. Khan retired from cricket in 1992 after his professional career ended khan was all set to dig his feet into politics.

April 25, 1996 was the day when Imran khan came into politics and till then until 2018 struggled for the supreme power of Pakistan as he has been brought up in the same corrupted culture where there is no rule of law for the lower class and only the upper class is always preferring above the law. Finally, on June 2018 the wind changed and Imran khan got succeeded to become the prime minister of Pakistan. He got votes on his narrative to eliminated corruption and bring every one under the law. Which he is doing now with his team.