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Gang of poachers eaten by lions as they try to slaughter herd of Rhinos

SOUTH AFRICA: A human head and a number of bloodied body parts and limbs were found near the scene after at least three illegal hunters broke into a South African game reserve to slaughter a herd of rhinos was attacked and EATEN by a pride of hungry lions. Staff at the Shibuya Game Reserve, in Eastern Province, South Africa, called in a helicopter to search the area for more poachers. A vet then had to tranquilize the six lions so police could go inside and recover the remains of the mauled poachers. Owner Nick Fox,…

Poachers shoot dead three rhinos inside Kenyan sanctuary

NAIROBI, Kenya: Poachers have shot dead three critically endangered black rhinos in a specially-protected sanctuary in northern Kenya, the wildlife service said Thursday. Two adults and a calf were killed inside the 83 square kilometre (32 square mile) fenced rhino sanctuary in Meru National Park and had their horns removed. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the poaching of three rhinos last night… at the Rhino Sanctuary in Meru N Park, where we lost two black rhinos & a calf,” Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)…

‘Surreal pictures’ show Rhino being airlifted away from poachers

A rhino has appeared to fly as it is air-lifted out of the South African bush to a new location in an amazing set of photographs. The surreal images show the 2,200-pound herbivore slung from a helicopter over stunning rivers and over rolling vegetation all whilst blindfolded. Another picture shows the rhino floating through the clouds. Other shots show the critically endangered species fitted with a tracking device and being lowered to the ground. The spectacular images were taken…