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political ads

Facebook to verify identities for political ads

WASHINGTON: Facebook announced Friday that it will require any political ads on its platform to state who is paying for the message, and would verify the identity of the payer, in a bid to curb outside election interference. The social network, which is under fire for enabling manipulation of its platform in the 2016 election, said the new policy would require any messages for candidates or public issues to include the label "political ad" with the name of the person or entity paying for it. Facebook chief Mark…

Facebook moves toward revealing backers of political ads

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook says it will take steps to deliver on a promise to reveal backers of political advertisements to boost transparency in the wake of criticism of the social network's role in the 2016 US election. The leading social platform said it will begin testing and refining political ad transparency tools next month in Canada, with a goal of having them in place in the US before elections next year. Under the plan unveiled by Facebook vice president Rob Goldman, people will be able to click "view ads" on a…