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Lionel Messi shown as ‘ISIS captive’ in poster released by terror outfit

MOSCOW: A photo of iconic footballer Lionel Messi has been used by global terror outfit Islamic State, also known as ISIS, in a ‘propaganda poster’ that threatens terror at the Russia World Cup 2018. Published by The Sun, the image is believed to have been released by pro-Isis mouthpiece and is said to be the latest in a series of sick messages aimed at football fans. In the propaganda poster, Barcelona star Messi is seen kneeling down wearing an orange jumpsuit – similar to those worn by people held captive in ISIS…

Indian filmmaker mocked for copying Rs 340-crore movie poster from a video game

Plagiarism by filmmakers is not a new phenomenon but when it comes to tarnish the image of your prospective costly project, the problems may then arise. Similar instance occurred to a seasoned Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma. On November 7, Varma announced his first international project: Nuclear. Varma, who is notorious for being belligerent on social media, has made a career out of making films on about the dark, underbelly of politics and gang-wars. The 54-year-old filmmaker took to Twitter to announce this…