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Indian man fills potholes out of love for dead son

MUMBAI: Dadarao Bilhore smoothes the road surface, rests his shovel, looks to the sky and prays for his son, one of thousands of Indians killed every year in accidents caused by potholes. Prakash Bilhore, a promising student, was just 16 when he died in July 2015 in Mumbai, India's hectic financial and Bollywood capital of 20 million people. "Dadarao Bilhore's son Prakash was travelling pillion with his cousin when the motorbike he was on hit a deep pothole, sending him flying through the air. Prakash, who…

27,363 potholes in Mumbai: Citizens now apply for world record

MUMBAI: A team of residents in Mumbai¬† decided to deal with lingering problem of potholes after they counted all such spots and now approached the Guinness World records to get their country listed for recognition. Navin Lade, on behalf of Mumbaikars has applied to both Guinness World records and Limca Book of Record for having the maximum number of potholes on the roads. Navin Lade, General secretary of the employment wing of the Republican Party of Indian (RPI), came up with the idea of entering the number of…

Flights diverted as potholes bedevil Philippine airport

MANILA: Runway potholes forced the Philippines' main airport to divert several flights Thursday, officials said, in the third such disruption at the facility in the past year. Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport operations chief Octavio Lina said the two potholes, both about 30 centimetres (12 inches) wide, were discovered in the morning, making landings by large aircraft too dangerous. "Even if the holes are small, the plane could land on its belly if the main landing gear hits them," he told a news…