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Unique saloon in Prague operated by robots

PRAGUE: Forget the days of nursing a drink at the bar while pouring out your woes to the bartender. At least if a new establishment in Prague is a sign of the future. The Cyberdog in the Czech capital features a robotic bartender who serves drinks ordered through a phone app. Opened on Wednesday by real estate developer Trigema, its two-level steel structure looks rather like a space station, with 40 seats and small upper deck. And never mind George Orwell’s sentiment in his essay “The Moon Under Water” that the…

Harley-Davidsons roar into Prague for anniversary bash

PRAGUE: Tens of thousands of “hogs” roared into Prague on Saturday as Harley-Davidson enthusiasts from around the world converged on the Czech capital to honor the storied motorcycle maker’s 115th anniversary. Prague, home to a 90-year-old Harley-Davidson club, the oldest in the world, is hosting the biggest anniversary bash for the motorcycles outside of their U.S. home of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a similar party starts at the end of August. More than 60,000 bikers and about 40,000 other visitors from over 70…

Please do touch! Exhibition for blind opens in Prague

PRAGUE: An exhibition aimed at blind people has opened in Prague, inviting visitors to touch artwork and enjoy pieces they would normally only read or hear about. The artworks have been provided by the Czech National Gallery, with some provided by the artists directly, and are made out of a variety of materials such as metal, wood, glass or plastic. "This exhibition is special because it allows touching the originals of sculptors' pieces which is unusual in galleries," curator Jana Klimova said.…