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Man fools police with car ‘made of snow’, gets parking ticket

OTTAWA: An artist in Montreal ‘sculpted’ a car out of the snow on the road to make things a bit interesting for the ploughers who come to clear the snow off the roads. Canada’s Simon Laprise has made snow sculptures, but definitely the first on ‘snow removal day’, and going by the success this fluke prank achieved, he told an Indian news website. The replica of the DeLorean sports car (from Back to the Future) was ‘parked’ on the road, and Laprise expected it to brew some trouble since it’s illegal to park on the…

WATCH: Pranksters spray bridesmaid with fire extinguisher

This is the shocking moment when wedding pranksters crossed their limits and sprayed a bridesmaid with a fire extinguisher. The awkward moment was caught on camera by an eyewitness at the wedding in the city of Zhaoqing in southern China’s Guangdong Province. The poor girl was struggling to breathe from chemical spray and was left with streaming eyes and her hair and dress were covered with white foam. The bride too was upset to see her friend suffer but could not stop the pranksters. The footage of the bizarre…

VIDEO: Day care’s Freddy Krueger prank turns into nightmare for children

A day care centre is strongly being criticized for Halloween prank of volunteer dressed as Freddy Krueger that terrified children to the core. Video footage of the questionable stunt has gone viral , leading to criticism of the centre. The clip shows a group of children sitting on the floor for a spook-themed story time, before a man in a Freddy mask and striped jumper appears and begins growling at the youngsters. The evil ghost of a dead serial killer, Freddy, played by Robert Englund in popular movie series…