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French pranksters replace holy water with alcohol

BESANÇON, France: Tourists visiting a church in the picturesque French town of Chateau-Chalon were surprised to discover that local pranksters had replaced the fonts' holy water with alcohol, the local tourism office said Friday. A dozen tourists sniffed out the telltale signs of eau-de-vie, a clear fruit brandy, when they visited the church in Jura, eastern France, at the end of August. "I made the sign of the cross and it smelt like eau-de-vie. Is this a local tradition?" the tourists asked officials at the nearby…

Pranksters deface iconic Hollywood sign

The famous Hollywood sign was altered to read 'Hollyweed' by pranksters. And this was quick to become a debate on the social media. Los Angeles police said unidentified thrill-seekers had climbed up and arranged tarps over the two letter "O's" to make them look like "E's", two of which carried the peace sign. The sign was vandalised around 3am by a male suspect dressed in all black on the New Year night, according to police. By 11.15am the sign had been amended and restored to its original state, but not before…

So…how about visiting a ‘pink river’ for a change!

Of course, it is unreal but this featured image has not been altered. According to the grapevine, few pranksters in Canterbury, Kent, tipped printer ink into a river, which eventually made it turn pink Not only, just the pink printer ink, they also hurled ‘car tyres’ into the already polluted water, making it looked even more unpleasant. Some of the locals in the area were stunned to see the river change its colour – from transparent to glistening bright pink – right in front of them. “I and my girlfriend were taking our…