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Irrfan Khan requests for prayer.. It’s sad news!

It's a heartbreaking news from a heart-throbbing superstar who is liked in both the rival neighboring countries of the sub-continent alike. Yes, all-illustrious Irrfan Khan has contracted a rare disease that has "shaken up" his life.…

WATCH: This flower blossoms on the call of Azaan

A western news channel grabbed a video which showed how a flower blossoming on the call of Azaan (prayer call). The video, captured by CNN, shows a yellow coloured flower blossoming as the Moazzin is calling out the Azaan. The…

Muslim prayer hall ransacked in Corsica

AJACCIO, PARIS: Demonstrators ransacked a Muslim prayer hall and attempted to burn copies of the Holy Quran on the French island of Corsica Friday, police said, following a night of violence that left two firefighters injured.