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‘Predator’ star Sonny Landham dies of heart failure

NEW YORK: Predator star Sonny Landham has passed away after a heart failure. He was 76. Landham was best known for his role as Billy Sole in 1987 action film Predator, where he starred alongside leading man Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was cast as tough street cop in 1979 thriller The Warriors, before being typecast into various tough guy roles, including Action Jackson, Fleshburn and classic comedy caper 48 Hours. Landham made the move from acting to politics in the early noughties, running in the Republican Party…

Here’s the man who played ‘Predator’ in Arnold’s superhit flick

Most of film buffs remember the 1987-block buster ‘Predator’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and the movie still holds its relevance till date owing to its choreography. And how could you forget the monster that was most terrifying figure in the flick. But as unlikely as it sounds, Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast to play the monster in The Predator, but eventually he dropped out and was replaced by Kevin Peter Hall. As the story goes, the film makers wanted to find someone tall enough to appear physically…