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World Cup: The Simpsons have already predicted what the final will be

It's unsurprising that a show that has been on the air since 1989 and has more than 600 episodes under its belt has managed to cover a lot of subjects. Throughout its thousands of hours of airtime, The Simpsons have managed to seemingly predict a variety of big events that have happened in the past few years. Donald Trump becoming president, the death of Stephen Hawking, the Winter Olympics and even the downfall of Toys 'R' Us have all been foreshadowed by the show. Now, with the 2018 World Cup in Russia preparing…

Did the Simpsons predict Trump’s successor as US President?

WASHINGTON: The writers of The Simpsons have stunned everyone after Donald Trump emerged triumphant in US presidential elections – a reality that The Simpsons ‘predicted’ in 2000. Now its writers are believed to have a third eye when it comes to predicting the future of America. But in 2007 they also predicted that Terminator’s Arnold Schwarzenegger would be making all the big decisions for the US – and how can you ignore this time? The former governor of California he has a lot more political experience than…