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President Joko Widodo

King Salman embraces ‘selfie’ in his tour of Asia

JAKARTA: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has embraced the “selfie”, taking part in a number of light-hearted self-shot pictures and videos during his tour of Asia that contrast with the pomp and formality of most of the octogenarian monarch’s trips abroad. In the first days of a lengthy regional tour, the king has appeared with top-ranking officials in Indonesia and Malaysia in pictures and clips that have been shared online millions of times. Indonesian President Joko Widodo shared a video of himself dining with the king…

Four Indonesians wealthier than poorest 100 million: Oxfam

JAKARTA: The four richest Indonesians are wealthier than the poorest 100 million people in the country, a study has found, highlighting how huge numbers have been left behind as the economy booms. Oxfam said that President Joko Widodo had failed to fulfill pledges to fight inequality and called on the government to urgently increase spending on public services and make corporations and the wealthy pay more tax. Indonesia has enjoyed an economic boom that has reduced the number of people living in extreme poverty but…