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Presidential Palace

Yemen separatists surround Aden presidential palace: military source

ADEN: Yemeni separatists have surrounded the presidential palace in government's interim capital Aden, a military source said Tuesday. "The separatists have surrounded the palace and now control the main gate. Those inside are unofficially under house arrest at this point," said the source, a high-ranking officer with the Yemeni military. Tension between the separatists and the government erupted into clashes at the weekend, with more than 36 people killed in Aden since Sunday, according to the International Committee…

Palestine to turn presidential palace into national library

RAMALLAH: Palestinian officials are embarking on a project to transform a presidential palace into a national library near the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, the culture minister said on Sunday. President Mahmud Abbas and his cash-strapped administration had faced questions over the construction of the $17.5 million palace, which was initially intended as a presidential headquarters and location where foreign dignitaries could be received. Abbas has now decided to transform the 4,700-square-metre complex…