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pride and prejudice

Britain celebrates literary icon Jane Austen on bicentenary of her death

WINCHESTER: Two hundred years after Jane Austen's death, Britain is celebrating one of its best-loved authors, who combined romance with biting social commentary that still speaks to fans around the world. The author of classic novels "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma" and "Sense and Sensibility" had only just become known when she died on July 18, 1817, aged 41. But her six novels, dissecting the lives of 19th century rural aristocracy, have since sold millions of copies, led to film adaptations and even spawned a zombie…

Jane Austen faked her own marriage twice

LONDON: British author Jane Austen, known the world over for her insightful take on 19th century society, created fake marriage documents with two separate men, archives have revealed. In her novels, Austen wove tales of heroines navigating the patriarchal customs of the time to find stability and social status through advantageous marriages. But the author herself never wed. However, two fake marriage entries, written by Austen herself and announcing her union with two men believed to be imaginary, will soon go on…