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Student confesses to killing college principal in Shabqadar

SHABQADAR: A student, who allegedly shot and killed his principal after a dispute over skipping classes to attend a religious party’s sit-in, has confessed to the crime. Faheem Shah had allegedly murdered Sareer Ahmed, principal of the private Islamia College in Charsadda, after an argument with him for missing a number of classes, according to police. Faheem had skipped the classes to attend a sit-in staged by Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah late last year in the federal capital against a change in wording of an oath…

Husband arrested in Karachi school principal’s murder

KARACHI: The husband of a school principal, who was allegedly killed after resisting a robbery attempt on December 10, has reportedly confessed to her murder, ARY News reported. Ambreen Fatima, the principal of a school, was reportedly shot dead in Soldier Bazaar area. However, further investigation revealed that her husband was the killer. Police have arrested three suspects including the husband, Ali Hassan, school teacher Sehar Shams and her brother, Balaaj. Police said that the husband has confessed that he…

WATCH: Female Indian teachers ‘fight’ in front of students

MOHALI: A shocking video has emerged from a district in Mohali, India where female school teachers are caught fighting in front of students. As seen in a mobile camera footage, teacher and the principal of a government high school in Dera Bassi were caught fighting with each other, as the students looked on. According to a Hindustan Times report, Veena Bassi, the headmistress and science teacher, Kailash Rani, have long been involved in bitter squabble and the fight finally erupted. …

Principal wounded in US school shooting

LOS ANGELES: The principal of a school in the state of South Dakota was slightly injured on Wednesday after a student burst into his office and opened fire, police and media reports said.