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Trump blasts Fed again as ‘only problem’ in U.S. economy

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump blasted the Federal Reserve on Monday, describing it as the “only problem” for the U.S. economy, as top officials discussed a rout in stock markets caused in part by the president’s feud with the central bank. Stocks fell again at the open on Monday amid concern about slowing economic growth, the government shutdown and reports that Trump had discussed firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. U.S. stocks have dropped sharply in recent weeks on concerns over weaker economic…

No people, no problem for reclusive forest dwellers in Belarus

YUKHOVICHI, Belarus: Tamara and Yuri Baikov knew it was time to move away from their village when one of their ducks wandered into a neighbour’s plot of land, only to return with a wire deliberately threaded through its beak. Since then, the husband and wife have lived for more than a quarter of a century in a primitive hut in a forest in northeastern Belarus, close to the Russian border. “There are no people - there is no conflict,” said Tamara Baikov, who says she loves weeding her vegetable patch and would rather…

Friendship no more: how Russian gas is a problem for Germany

BERLIN: For decades, the Friendship pipeline has delivered oil from Russia to Europe, heating German homes even in the darkest days of the Cold War. But a new pipeline that will carry gas direct from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany is doing rather less for friendship, driving a wedge between Germany and its allies and giving Chancellor Angela Merkel a headache. For US President Donald Trump, Nord Stream 2 is a “horrific” pipeline that will increase Germany’s dependence on Russian energy. Ukraine, fighting…